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DIY Design Vs Pro Design

Business Cards we designed and printed.You may have a hammer and nails, but you wouldn’t build your own house. The same applies to graphic design. Your business’ image isn’t where you want to save your dollars! We are trained to convey your message and meet your design brief.

We pay attention to detail, for example, when working with typography, we make the choice of font, colour, line spacing and kerning based on the business' overall brand and readability of the content. You want your message to be clear for the audience to understand.

Designing is not an easy task. It’s thoughtful, meticulous and time-consuming. Coming up with a quality design takes hours, which you do not have if you’re running a business. We minimise the stress brought on by creating your own designs. DIY design tools take time to fully understand and use efficiently. We work with programs daily and are familiar with the capabilities of each one, allowing for a quicker turnaround than having to design the graphics yourself.

Using DIY design tools can confuse and unnecessarily complicate your branding efforts. We can deliver a quality product without the guesswork of what graphics will be the most visually appealing and connect with your audience. We are trained to make your business look its best!

Take a look at Josie's Floral Creations' Before and After logo we redesigned for her, this is a perfect example of how we can really make your business look its best!

NEW logo we designed.

Business Cards we designed and printed.

Website design with online store.


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